Welcome to our site and Australias largest range of boom gate operators and road barrier products. The road barrier range includes boom gates, bollards, chain gate and personal parking devices.

Although predominatley automatic traffic control products there are a few security products as well as manually operated products particularly in the boom gate range.
Boom gates generally speaking fall into three distinct categories -

Car Park Boom Gates - We have all seen them. Multi story car parks, airport car parks and always attached to a money making machine. These boom gates are specialised with boom lengths to a maximum of 3.0 metres. Click here for car park boom gates.

Commercial / Industrial Boom Gates - This is the largest part of the market and what Automatic Gate Solutions supply and install. You will see them in operation all over the world anywhere where the desired result is traffic control. Boom lengths cover from 3.0 metres up to 8.0 metres and can handle duty cycles of betwen 3,000 and 10,000 operations a day.

Heavy Industrial Boom Gates - When you want to cover the range above 8.0 metre booms you head into another specialised area where booms go up to 12.0 metres. We can supply and install these but there are very few in Australia. Most will use two 6.0 metre booms to cover a 12.0 metre opening.

Use the boom gate tab above to navigate to a boom gate to suit your requirements.